Terms & Conditions


1. Your contract is with Dragonfly Getaways who is an agent acting on behalf of the Hotel and/or Resort companies: When you make your booking you must fill in a booking form.  By signing the booking form you are accepting the terms of these booking conditions for everyone who is travelling with you.  We are responsible for the monies you pay from the time a reservation is made.  However, your contract with us is as a sub agent and our responsibility for your accommodation only starts when we send our confirmation, but if you book within 14 days of arriving at the accommodation, the contract will start once we have confirmed the booking. 30% booking deposit payment is non refundable.


2.  Insurance:  We consider it essential that you take out suitable insurance cover before you travel.


3. Paying for your accommodation: If you book your accommodation more than eight weeks before your departure date, you will have to pay a non refundable deposit of 30% when you book.  You must then pay for the rest of your accommodation at least eight weeks before your scheduled departure date.  If you do not, we have the right to treat your accommodation as if you had cancelled it and apply the cancellation charges set out in paragraph 5 below.  If you book your accommodation within eight weeks of your departure date, you must pay the whole cost at the point of booking. Late payments will incur administration costs.


4. Changing your booking:  All requests for a change or alteration to a confirmed booking must be made in writing (or by electronic mail) which must bear the same signature as that on the original booking form.  All changes after a booking is confirmed by us will incur additional charges. These charges are set out below and must either be sent with the letter requesting such changes or should be paid by credit / debit card or bank transfer. We will endeavour to meet your request, however we are not bound to do so and accept no responsibility if your request(s) can not be met.


4a. Changes once booking has been confirmed: A signed, written request (or a request by electronic mail) is required detailing the changes. The following charges must either accompany the letter or be made by credit/debit card or bank transfer.  £35 per change on contract. 4b. Changes during the final 6 weeks to scheduled departure date:   A signed, written request (or a request by electronic mail) is required detailing the changes. The following charges must either accompany the letter or be made by credit /debit card or bank transfer.  a minimum charge of £50 per person, up to the full cost of the accommodation.  These costs will depend on prevailing circumstances. We reserve the right to substitute the details of your booking in the event the prevailing circumstances are beyond our control. 


5. Cancelling your accommodation:  To cancel your accommodation the person who signed the booking form must send a written request (or a request by electronic mail) to us.  We will cancel the accommodation on the day we receive the cancellation.  To cover our administration costs in cancelling the accommodation, we will ask you to pay cancellation charges as set out below. We do not refund due to Acts of God. We do not refund insurance premiums. Booking deposits are non-refundable.


6. Our responsibilities:  We are responsible for making sure the accommodation and services that you book through us as a sub agent are of a reasonable standard.  We will not be responsible for any errors in the description of property that we advertise on various websites caused by translation issues. Should compensation be offered due to a major complication in the supplied accommodation which affects your stay in a property, it will not be more than the cost of that accommodation and we will not accept responsibility for any increased insurance premiums. Information is correct at time of entry onto our website(s) but may be subject to alteration by the supplier without notice to ourselves. We are not responsible for  issues out of our control or for any complex facilities or 3rd party generated problems. Information is correct at time of entry on to our or 3rd party websites and may be subject to alteration without notice.


*Amount of written notice you give before your scheduled departure date.
*Amount of cancellation charge as a % of the total holiday price as per invoice to you (not including insurance premiums)         
      a)  More than 62 days prior to departure = Loss of deposit
      b) Less than 31 days prior to departure  = 80%
      c) 14 days or less = 100%
      *Subject to Accommodation Suppliers Conditions. 

7. Changes:  Responsibility of accommodation and transport (where applicable) will be limited in accordance with the international convention, which applies. The hotel or resort reserve the right to change accommodation to the same standard of accommodation or higher in the event of damage caused by a previous guest, flood or other issue out of their/our control to the same standard accommodation or higher. Photographs images advertised will be typical of the accommodation allocated to you on arrival but not necessarily identical.


8. Complaints: Should you not be satisfied with the accommodation or any services the hotel/resort have agreed to provide, you must inform the resort/hotel reception or us (the sub agent of the property) immediately in writing (or by electronic mail) if this facility is not available at your accommodation, giving them/us the opportunity to resolve any problem(s) whilst you are still in the accommodation.  You must notify them/us within 48 hours of identifying the problem. They/we will assess how urgent the problem is and take what action they/we feel appropriate. If you do not give them/us the chance to resolve the issue, they/we will reject any claim for any refund . They /we will not be responsible for complaints made after vacating the accommodation, or if you have not followed the procedure set out above. In the case of a legitimate claim of total dissatisfaction, they/we may offer to reimburse, some or all money charged for the accommodation.


9. Disputes: Should any disputes arise, we will do our utmost to help you solve the problem during your stay with the hotel/resort supplier as long as you have given us the opportunity to resolve your issues whilst still in the accommodation.


10. Prices:  Before you make your booking, we may increase or decrease accommodation prices at any time.  Extra charges may be incurred as a result of fluctuations in, exchange rates, taxes or the cost of transport, including the cost of fuel, parking, toll charges and other fees.  You will be informed of any changes prior to booking any accommodation.


11. Arrival Times:  You will be met at your accommodation by the resort/hotel representative who will complete the handover of the accommodation and the keys (takes approximately 15 minutes). If your arrival is outside of normal office hours or the accommodation does not have a reception facility alternative key pick up arrangements will be provided prior to the arrival date. If your arrival at the apartment exceeds midnight,  the hotel/resort has the right to refuse entry until the following day and would make the necessary arrangements for a rescheduled check in time. If you fail to inform the hotel/resort we will not accept responsibility for any charges applied by the hotel/resort as a result of your failure to notify them of you late arrival.


12. Accommodation equipment: The level and type of equipment / utensils (if applicable) varies between each accommodation type, but all are sufficiently well equipped for holiday rentals.  Should a guest have a specific need for an item which is not available in the accommodation or if the guest failed to bring their own item then they have to purchase one locally.  Neither We, or the Accommodation supplier are responsible and are unable to provide any additional equipment or items not already supplied at the accommodation. Please do not leave any personal or locally purchased items in the accommodation as they may not meet the required safety standards.


13.  Call-outs Non Guest Related:  If you experience an issue with your accommodation please make this known to the hotel/ resort reception directly. If your accommodation does not have a reception facility please contact us directly where we will do our utmost to help you with resolve the issue.


13a  Call-outs Guest Related:  If a call-out is made as the result of a guests misuse, carelessness or neglect, or for a non-urgent request, then a charge may become payable to the hotel/resort. This charge maybe deducted from the security deposit and/or an immediate payment in either, Euros, Sterling or by Credit Card, may be requested directly by the hotel/resort.



14. Security Deposit:  This amount will be confirmed prior to arrival. This will then be returned once the hotel/resort has confirmed to us that no damage has been caused during your stay. Should there be a dispute with regards to any damage, then the issue must be dealt with between you and the hotel/resort directly. However we will endeavour to assist you should this occur.


15. Non Registered Guests:  The only guests allowed in the accommodation are those listed on the booking form. Any non-registered guest(s) will invalidate the accommodations insurance and the rental agreement resulting in the immediate eviction of all guests and the loss of the damage deposit payment.


16. Cleaning:  If you have booked to stay in a self catering apartment/villa where the accommodation is fully equipped for this purpose. A change of linen will be supplied by the hotel/resort in accordance with their policies. Sufficient linen will be supplied on arrival. Maid service and change of linen can be arranged directly with the hotel/resort for an extra cost. It is the guests' responsibility to ensure that all towels and linen that are supplied for their stay are left in a satisfactory condition. You are advised to avoid usage of self-tanning or Carotene products or P20 24 hour sun cream protection when using the accommodations towels for the beach or in the pool areas. Stains of any kind including those previously mentioned or any other cause such as blood or makeup that are returned after laundry cleaning where the stains remain then the cost of replacements may be deducted from the security/breakage deposit.


17. Check In/Out times:  The earliest check in time is 4pm. The latest checkout time is 10am.  These times can vary slightly as hotels / resorts rely on outgoing guests to depart on time and leave the accommodation requiring only a normal clean and without damage or maintenance issue. On your departure should you wish to extend your check out time you must arrange this with reception well ahead of your departure date.  


Important: If your in bound flight is delayed or any other issue arises that may cause you to arrive after midnight, hotels and resorts reserve the right to refuse entry until the following day. If this happens you may have to check in at a later time agreed between yourself and the Hotel/Resort management.


18. Internet usage (if applicable) charges may apply. We are not responsible for any interruption, loss or lack of wifi availability.